The Iconographers

The icons on the iconostasis below represent work of artists from ten countries and in most cases were specially commissioned for the show.

Elena Antonova, Irina Bradley, Pia Carnell, Amanda de Pulford, Silvia Dimitrova, Dmitri Grehov, Elena Grehova, Aidan Hart, Sirkku Huttunen, Galina Karnishova, Ian Knowles, Fotini Maragou, Peter Murphy, Tatyana Pavlova, Irene Perez Omer, Sister Petra Clare, Sister Esther (Pollak), Sara Prosser, Dr Guillem Ramos-Poqui, Dr Stéphane René, Sergei Taracyan, Marijke Tinga, Maria Tsiotsou Moore, Ariana Villegas Cuartas, Eva Vlavianos, Hanna Ward and Ann Welch (Curator)


2 Responses to The Iconographers

  1. deborah says:

    i love icons and would be interested in following this site. xxxx

    i am starting Mary Magdalene icon today…………. nice

  2. Don R. says:

    What a beautiful project! Is there more information on each iconographer?

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